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Gotland Tourist Information

Welcome to Gotland!

Gotland is Sweden's largest island and is a popular holiday spot for both Swedes and foreigners. Its unusual nature, characterised by sea stacks (vertical rock formations shaped by the sea), as well as its long beaches and the medieval town of Visby, help Gotland attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Gotland is often called the Pearl of the Baltic and on this website we will explain why this epithet rings true. The website contains information on how to get to Gotland, accommodation, restaurants, shopping and of course sights and events on the island.

The tourism web site Gotland.net is also available in a more detailed version in Swedish. In order to be able to read all the information on the site, click the Swedish flag in the top menu and select language with Google translate.

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Sights & Activities
     Discover Visby under your own steam
     Ingmar Bergman - a Fårö lad
     The Limestone Quarries - Gotland´s magical bathing pearls
About Gotland

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